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NV|Terra  is a company specialized  in the solution of environmental problems with clean technologies, such as electrolysis, which are often combined with other physico-chemical and bacteriological technics to solve the whole problem.

The aim of the  process developped by  NV|Terra is to reduce manipulation and stocking of dangerous products and at the same time, to minimize the  formation of undesirable and clumsy wastage.

Products commercialised by  NV|Terra are :
NV|Aqua or MDWP, a micro drinking water plant; the  OCEANEF, apparatus for the production of sodium hypochlorite, and the FERILEC a production unit for the most efficient Iron Chloride coagulant. All of them issued from NV|Terra research and manufactured by the company.

NV|Terra is for the time being present in Africa with three pilot sites.